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Jill Temporal Fine Art

Xmas Dream of A Gingerbread Buttercross 2018

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Painting: Acrylic on Paper 2018

Size: 10 W x 14 H x INCH ( 12 x 16 Mount )

Original Acrylic painting on Paper mounted into a double aperture. supplied in cello wrap.

The creation of this painting was inspired by a very vivid dream I had one night in November 2018, when I awoke I couldn't get the comical vision out of my head so I  made a quick sketch which then developed into this fantasy painting.

It is a traditional custom for the residents of my hometown to gather together on Xmas eve around the Buttercross monument in the heart of the Town and sing Christmas carols. In my dream the buildings and people were made of comical Gingerbread, Candy Canes and sweeties.