Exhibitions & Events:

Access Space Sheffield 20x20 *(Online)                               April               2020

Doncaster Art fair exhibitor                                                    December      2019

Dovecot Gallery open exhibition                                            Nov-Dec        2019

Great Sheffield Art Show                                                       November      2019

The Cube Exhibition Doncaster Market Gallery                    Oct – Dec       2019

The New Fringe Joint exhibition                                            Sep-October   2019

Solo Show at DreamBakes Café Doncaster                         Sep – Nov      2019

Tickhill Horticultural society Art Judge                                  September      2019

Sky Arts Landscape Artist Of The Year Wildcard                 July                 2019

Doncaster Art Fair exhibitor                                                  June               2019

Open Studio Solo exhibition                                                  May                2019

Doncaster Art Fair exhibitor                                               December           2018

Doncaster Corn exchange Artist residency                        November           2018

Dovecot Gallery open exhibition                                       November            2018

New fringe Remembrance exhibition                                November            2018

Doncaster Museum OPEN Art                                           Oct – Dec           2018

Doncaster Art Fair 1st edition                                             September     2018

Solo Show Tickhill Gala Pavilion                                      July                 2018

Open Studio Solo Show                                                     May                 2018

Doncaster Museum Open Art                                            Oct – Dec       2017

Doncaster Museum Open Art                                            Oct – Dec       2003

Doncaster Museum Open Art                                            Oct – Dec       2002

Leeds City Art Gallery Open Show                                   Sep                 2002

Huddersfield Art Gallery Open                                           June               2002

Degree Show Huddersfield University                             May                 2002