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Jill Temporal Fine Art

Tiger - Malayan

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Acrylic On stretched Canvas set in bespoke natural wood tray frame 2021

12 x 16 Inch (30x40cm)

Habitat : Malaysia

loss of habitat due to Human development, agriculture and widespread hunting.

Their population has drastically declined from several thousand in the 1950’s to now less than 200 individuals in the wild. The Malayan tiger is Totally Protected under the Wildlife Conservation Act 2010,

Classified as Critically Endangered under the IUCN Red List for Threatened Species.

  • 200 (In the Wild * WWF 2021)

data from WWF website 2021

*approximate count know at the time of writing.

Exhibited at The Gallery Gate in Doncaster January-February 2022 in my solo show “Jeopardised”