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Jill Temporal Fine Art

STAG HEAD Watercolour (#3)

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original Painting: Watercolour on Paper 2020

Size: 6 W x 8 H x INCH ( in a standard 8 x 10 Mount )

An Original Watercolour painting on watercolour Paper-Board mounted into an antique white display aperture mount. supplied in a protective cello wrap, in archival acid free Tissue paper. This Stag head was created using mostly violet and blue.

An expressive watercolour painting using subtle suggestive lines, form and shapes to create an impression of a Stag with energetic splashes and splatters of paint.

" Watercolour is one of my favourite mediums to paint with, I love how it can be simultaneously subtle and bold. How the colours flow intermingling into harmonious tones. "

This painting is part of a new Collection of Countryside Wild animal watercolours created during November & December 2020.

This is a unique Original watercolour Art work NOT A PRINT!