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Jill Temporal Fine Art

Rhino - Black

Rhino - Black

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16 x 20 Inch (30 x 40 CM) 2021

Acrylic on stretched canvas presented in a bespoke natural wood tray frame. 

Habitat: East Africa

Poaching and black-market trafficking of rhino horn

Black rhinos are the smaller of the two African rhino species. They have two horns, and occasionally a third, small posterior horn. Populations of black rhino declined dramatically in the 20th century at the hands of European hunters and settlers. The species has made a tremendous comeback from the brink of extinction. Thanks to persistent conservation efforts across Africa, and a lot of work remains to bring the numbers up to even a fraction of what it once was

Classified as Critically Endangered under the IUCN Red list for Threatened species.

5500 (in the wild WWF 2021)

Data from WWF website 2021

*approximate count know at the time of writing.

Exhibited January-February 2022 at The Gallery Gate Doncaster in my “Jeopardised” solo show

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"It Is colour which seduces me, how they harmonise and contrast. Nature and the natural world around me is my muse. I express its beauty using fluid lines, expressive forms and sumptuous colours."

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