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Jill Temporal Fine Art

Leopard - Amur

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16 x 20 Inch (30 x 40 CM) 2021

Acrylic on stretched canvas presented in a bespoke natural wood tray frame. 

Habitat: Russia & China

Illegal wildlife trade, Climate change, Habitat loss and fragmentation, Deforestation

Its homelands have been gradually destroyed by unsustainable logging, forest fires, road building, farming, and industrial development.

Having been driven to the edge of extinction, their numbers appear to be rising thanks to conservation work and numbers are believed to have increased to approximately 90 individuals

Classified as Critically Endangered under the IUCN Red List for Threatened Species.

  • 100 ( In the wild WWF 2021)

Data from WWF website 2021

*approximate count know at the time of writing.

Exhibited at the Gallery Gate Doncaster in my solo show exhibition “jeopardised” January-February 2022.