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Jill Temporal Fine Art

Beyond the Gate at Tickhill Castle 2019

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Painting: Acrylic On Canvas 2019

Size: H 23.5 x W 31.5 x D 1.5 INCH 


This scene depicts Tickhill Castle and its Norman Gatehouse, just a short walk from my home and a local landmark which has a rich History and is brimming with beauty. unfortunately the grounds are only accessible to the public for just one day a year, I Have only been inside the ruin grounds several times in my lifetime. Every time I pass by ( weekly) I cant help but be captivated. 

I want the viewer to feel the intrigue and wonder of what lies beyond the archway, to imagine themselves walking through and discovering the view beyond the gatehouse.

uniquely This painting was blessed at St Georges Minster in Doncaster at a special Christmas service of thanks for the artists of Doncaster in December 2019.