Imagine just how super excited I was when I opened my email to find a totally out of the blue invitation from the editor of "PAINT" magazine!!! enquiring if id be interested to feature in a forthcoming issue. I was utterly thrilled to say the least! They had discovered my vibrant wildlife paintings on Instagram and being a member of the SAA (Society for All Artists) asked me if I would be interested in creating a double page spread painting tutorial feature for the July Issue, I jumped at the chance obviously. 

At the time I was developing a series of Highland Cow artworks inspired by 3 cattle that inhabit a field close to my studio and I had become quite fascinated by them, observing their different characters and antics in the pasture. So It began! firstly I needed to document my painting process, making notes of each step. refereeing to the supplies and brushes i used. I also documented each section of my process with photographs. The hardest part for me was trying to put into words something which you do out of instinct, I had to slow things down a little and be more mindful of my creative actions. I actually found this a very useful method which has since developed into my practice. Rather than my usual sketchbook notes / scribbles which are for my eyes only and only need make sense to me I have tried since to be a little more explanatory in my visual thinking.


Once my painting was complete, photographed and I was satisfied I had something interesting and worthwhile to share, I sent over the written draft including the images to the editor for her judgment. A few days later she responded with positive feedback and the feature was good to go! 

a couple of months later I was jumping for joy and pride as I opened my issue to see my feature in the glossy print. Thank you PAINT for giving me the opportunity. For pushing me out of my comfort zone and helping me to develop my thinking behind my creative practice  and also for making me a published artist. 

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