WREN Watercolour painting

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original Painting: Watercolour on Paper 2021

Size: 6 W x 8 H x INCH ( 8 x 10 Mount ) Landscape orientation

An Original signed Watercolour painting on watercolour Paper art board mounted into a antique white aperture mount. Included with certificate of authenticity. supplied in a protective cello wrap, in acid free archival Tissue paper and brown paper.

An expressive watercolour painting using suggestive lines, loose form and shapes to create an abstract impression of a Wren perched on a branch. with energetic splashes and splatters of Raw Umber and Payne's grey paint.

" Watercolour is one of my absolute favourite mediums to paint with, I just love how it can be simultaneously subtle and bold. How the colours flow intermingling into harmonious tones. "

This painting is part of a new 2021 spring Collection.

This is a unique Original watercolour Art work NOT A PRINT!