About Jill

About Jill Temporal

I am a Visual Artist from South Yorkshire UK. I Paint Vivid Landscapes inspired by the local landmarks and vistas close to my home. my work is often influenced by the floral form and the fluidity within its beauty.

creating Art is my greatest passion in life....it always has been ever since very early childhood I showed a natural talent and great interest. I LOVE art, making it, viewing it and discovering it’s History. Whenever asked “what would you like to be when you grow up.?”... it was always an Artist For me! I think I was about 8 when I got my very first Easel as an Xmas gift from my parents. 

I followed my dream though school and onto university graduating with a Fine Art Degree in 2002.  However the journey to becoming a professional Artist and turning my passion and talent into a professional career has been without its hurdles but now finally all my determination and patience has come to fruition. The past two years have seen me go from a serious amateur to now a full time professional, I have my own Studio and my paintings sell for several hundreds of pounds. 

My inspiration mostly comes from the Local landmarks and landscapes around my hometown of Tickhill in Doncaster and I also have an enormous captivation of The floral form, all my images are connected through a vivid and vibrant use of bold colour. I mostly work in Acrylic but also use oil paint and watercolour. I often work outside plein-air and daily in my purpose built Studio. I open the studio up as a “pop up gallery “ event annually in May. 

I exhibit regularly and often attend Art fairs and am a member of the Doncaster New Fringe Art group. 




BA Hons Degree in Fine Art 2002
University of Huddersfield

Diploma Art 1999
Doncaster College Church View

A Level Art 1998
GCSE Art 1996